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Thursday, July 26, 2018


Carla Murillo


  1. 27 Jun, 2018
    Why have a Budget?
    To Budget or Not? Having worked with companies for many years I know how important it is to have a budget.  I used to think that it was just an exercise but when I moved to management I saw the benefits of having one and using it.  Below are my top three reasons to have one: 1 - Project your Income.  Know what you want before you get to work.  When you are planning a vacation, you need to know what route you will take, right?  Why would a business be different?  Where will your income come from?
  2. 20 Jun, 2018
    Consistency in your Accounting and everything else
    "Accounting is one of my biggest pain points" I have heard this not once but three times in the last week... Why do you think that is?   If you are your own boss, not only do you want to know what your income and expenses are, but you have to know.  It does not need to be complicated or pretty but it does need to be organized and consistent, for many reasons.  Do you dread income tax season?  Are you afraid to be audited by the IRS?  Do you wonder if what you are paying in taxes is accurate?
  3. 13 Jun, 2018
    The power of your Network
    This is Me Not really ;)  But it sure does feel like it! I have been working on many things lately and even though many days I'm super tired, I feel very accomplished. I was able to take, not one, but two vacations, and my business is thriving. Many thanks to the people who have mentored me, supported me, reached out to me, trusted me! I have always said "It takes a Village" and my village is wonderful. The next couple of months I will be focusing on finding my ideal clients and providing the
  4. 06 Mar, 2018
    What will you do?
    Daylight Savings Time is coming Can you believe it has been a month since my last post?  I pride myself in my organization and time management skills and  I can assure you I did miss writing; however, I was having a lot of fun!  Tax season can be a lot of things and you probably do not see it as fun; in my case, I met a lot of wonderful people and I heard many good stories of life.  I was able to manage and balance my work and personal life thanks to my wonderful husband and support of our
  5. Accounting Tax Time
    31 Jan, 2018
    Tax Time!
    Tax Time! I'm thrilled!!! Just one week into tax season and all the memories from years ago came back!  Lots of people, lots of phone calls, deadlines,  no time for lunch and lots of stories.  I didn't even had time to check my phone most of the day. I had forgotten how it feels to be very productive doing something I enjoy.  At the end of the day, as tired as I was, I came home happy. Questions to ask when looking for a Tax Preparer Do you have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number)?
  6. Accountant Growth
    24 Jan, 2018
    Back to my Beginnings
    This is my sister Rebeca.  When I was still in high school, she worked at an office where they primarily prepared income taxes.  They needed help so she asked me to go after school.  My official title was "Runner"; I would literally run between desks, pulling files, making copies, help stuff envelopes, name any administrative duty, it was for me!  I loved it.  She taught me to be professional, to do things right, and to do them over if the first time were not right.  I saw how she never
  7. 18 Jan, 2018
    Are you Ready? Are your Books?
    Is your Accounting in order? In working with my clients and talking to other business owners I realize that many rely on a staff person to handle their books.  I have heard it is because they started small and "it just happened"; or do not have enough business to justify a full time bookkeeper; or think they cannot afford to have a bookkeeper or accountant on retainer.   Think about all the things your financials tell you:  Are you making enough money?  Are your clients paying you? Do you have
  8. 10 Jan, 2018
    Looking at my plans for 2018
    A year in review and looking ahead! What happened in 2017? 2017 Was definitely a year of change, and I do not say it lightly...  Christian started preschool and that opened the door to many new things; so far it has been exciting!  Of course with its challenges but nothing we are not able to deal with. Professionally, I started this business venture and again, it has not been easy, but it has definitely been fun!!!  And if you know me you know I have always said... if it is not fun, it is not
  9. Accountant Accounting Carla Murillo
    13 Dec, 2017
    My Accountant startup story
    The question was... Are you ready to get exposed? It really got my attention... So I opened the email! I joined Hera Hub back in September and it has been a wonderful experience both professionally and personally.  I have met many wonderful entrepreneur women working to thrive, just like I am.  I have come across many women willing to help me grow.  I have been exposed to many resources that I couldn't have known about had I stayed working from home all the time.   My analytical mind has always